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We are your exposure solution, worldwide office.

Exponymo, comes along to fulfill your company’s most important and vital communication needs, combining pure aesthetics and state-of-the-art craftsmanship in the most competitive prices in the market, whether you plan to appear in an exhibition on Greek grounds or not. We breathe life into your trade stand, by not thinking of it as a static creation, but as a means of communication between you and your customer, therefore maximizing its value. Our partners, eager for the best results, and young, both in heart but also in spirit, bring their freshest ideas to the table, on every project that comes forward! Communication engineers, designers, interior designers, as well as craftsmen, sum up a huge amount of exhibition experience, and from the first time of the project, will be there to guide and assist you with everything you will need. From the selection of the appropriate space, up to your communication actions to the full design and appearance of your trade stand. Time to live nothing to chance! Call us now at +30-2105756550 and give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our ideas (free of charge).

Our Team

Our Team

Everything is possible

Together we can do anything

Customized solutions. All your company needs, and all your company will ever need, with the freshness of wood, tendered and smothered by our experienced craftsmen. Carpenters, Electricians, Polishers, Sign Constructors and many more come together as a whole for results that constantly and meticulously meet your quality standards. Trust a team that creates the vital bond between you, your customer, and delivers your company’s most important values & dreams through an exhibition stand!


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